Shāh Māt شاه مات

The King is helpless

Photo from curtis perry

Originalmente publicado el 3 de Junio de 2016

We’ll always need kings because we’ll always need wars.

For the most advanced species in our known universe we are pretty dumb aren’t we?

It’s like our tail bone, we are far from our time with a tail but it’s still there reminding us our tree-hugging time. Evolution takes time, change takes time we all know it but after some millenia we are still attempting to please someone by fear or respect.

We want to kill the king just to be one. Our monkey brains still need an alpha, our monkey brains still want to be an alpha.

Fortunately we came a long way in the discussion department and nowdays it’s less common to take things as we want them without thinking in the consecuences.

But we still want wars it fits in our mind it’s easy to understand it’s primitive like we are.

We think that wars give us purpose, that they are solution. We force our minds to think in black and white, good an evil, we and them instead of seeing the shades, the gaps.

Change takes time but somehow even recognizing that most of people understand that nothing gets build in the next morning brutal change seems like a good idea.

“Let’s destroy X, everything will be better” they said, without even realizing that something will fill the void. Rational and incremental change is the only way that humanity had reached somewhere.

Missdirection is the main tool for illusionists and the core of modern politics.

We want wars, we choose wars. Wars on gender, religion, food, politics, sports. Every day we choose “war” instead of “change” we want someone to die because they not share our current mindset.

You changed, you thought that one thing was correct 10 years ago, you probably think that you were a moron. People need time, patience. Radical ideas are just regular ideas with problems of self esteem.

Shāh Māt is the word that eventually will become checkmate. Is Farsi’s for “The King is helpless”.

We have an outstanding amount of things in common, one of them is being helpless, all of us.

In some dark cold nights we can’t avoid the feeling of helplessness and feeling insignificant in the black sky.

You want to change the world but not change with it. Guess what? everyone wants that but the next time just remember that the person in front of you with that idea that you find repulsive feels the same as you and maybe, just maybe you are not in oposite sides of a war but in the same planet wanting the same things in slightly different angles.

Stop using “war” for things that are not wars, destroying only brings more chaos be open for change. Ideas will not die, they can evolve, let that rival rest and le their ideas change alonside yours.