Legends don't die

The story of Jim Weirich

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Today is a sad sad day. Today is the day that Jim Weirich died.

Writing this is my way of handling the grief:

He was that way. A long time before the gender wars, even before concurrency debate there was this man. He saw in you stuff that you couldn’t find in the mirror.

He was that way. Even in your darkest time he would see light in you. Having an intellect more developed than any other person he will just shine with his laugh.

He was that way. After being part of the internet for so long he always wanted to give everyone a chance, you could always learn something from him… from yourself.

I know it’s hard for you to understand. I know that everyone around you rants and criticize everything you say. I know that people around you enjoy trying to look better than you, belive me… I know.

But the world was different back then, it’s the same planet but a lot changed. People focus on their differences now, they look for every single detail that makes them different trying to ignore the absurd amount of things that makes all of us the same.

He was not that way. He had the curiosity of a child, their innocence, their love.

He was not that way. He shared every single thing he knew, not for profit, for fun.

He was not that way. He smiled and give you his opinion with respect, not for fame, but for a greater good.

I know it’s hard for you to understand how hard is the pain to see a world without him. But I know that you can be as amazing as he was because now you have a part of him. Now you know who he was and how important is to be a good person.

You are not going to meet the man, you will listen to his legend. And legends don’t die.

You are standing on the shoulders of a kind giant… now aim higher.

Some people want to live forever but only a few will. Jim is one of those people.

Every time someone will run rake or just think about testing he will be there. Inspiring all of us.

All the blogpost written today talk about his kindness and about the way he made everyone he touched a better person.

I’m lucky enough to have shared some time with him, working, learning, laughing.

Thank you kind giant, now sleep.